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suniSUNI Digital X-Ray

SUNI digital radiography systems are offered as two product lines:
Dr. Suni and SuniRay.
Both have been developed and manufactured by SUNI and they are designed to acquire real-time, clinical digital intraoral X-ray images.
Dr. Suni and SuniRay systems use unique SUNI- invented benchmark CCD/CMOS image sensor chip technology. This technology yields image quality that exceeds that of standard dental film while using less X-Ray dose to the patient. These systems allow real-time X-Ray radiographs to be captured using standard dental X-Ray sources.

SUNI digital radiography systems consist of three sizes of intraoral sensors corresponding to #0, #1 and # 2 size film, a USB image capture interface and stand-alone application software (Dr. Suni or Prof. Suni) that interfaces to your other software including practice management software.
Operation is simple: once sensor placement is complete and the system is initialized through the software interface, the system senses the onset of the X-Ray exposure and automatically acquires and downloads the image data to the personal computer for display in a matter of seconds. It is like using a standard digital camera except with X-Rays and with clinical application software especially tailored to the dental profession.

   Clean and Precise Images
The sensors are available in 3 convenient sizes similar to film sizes 0,1 and 2.A resolution of up to about 2 million pixels (2 Megapixels) for the # 2 High resolution sensor with a pixel size of 22.5 micrometers results in images made up of 22 line pairs per millimeter. Compare this with film which produces images made up of only 8-15 line pairs per millimeter.
Safe and Environmentally Friendly
Dr. Suni Digital Radiography uses less radiation than conventional X-ray film and no chemicals are needed. Patients appreciate the reduction of X-ray radiation exposure and costly enviornmentally hazardous storage, and disposal of chemical waste products is a matter of the past.
   Simple and Fast
After you select an individual tooth, bitewing or full mouth series you place a Dr. Suni X-ray Sensor in the oral cavity. Almost instantly after exposing the sensor a high quality X-ray image appears on the screen, ready for diagnosis. The entire process takes seconds compared to minutes with film. You can archive and retreive your digital radiographs in seconds or transmit them via email with the click of a mouse.
   Functional and Ergonomic
The Dr. Suni system is designed for efficient, ergonomic use: The software is intuitive and easy to use. The Dr. Suni sensors are the thinnest available measuring only 3.2 mm thick. They are easy to manipulate and to place in the patient's mouth. They can be positioned a easily as film with minimal discomfort to patients. Just position the sensor, irradiate with the X-ray source you already have in your operatory and a high quality image will appear on the screen virtually instantly.
Dr. Suni Digital Radiography makes possible numerous special functions such as calibrated length measurements, image enhancement tools, digital zoom, colorizing, archiving, and before-and-after image comparison which provides the dentistry profession an additional useful dimension.
Do you need to communicate with your peers and insurance company for legal compliance or a second opinion? The Dr. Suni system will create your digital patient documentat including patient name, tooth chart and image automatically and you can email it immediately from your office.
   Professor Suni Software
The Dr. Suni Digital Radiology system is also available with a feature-rich optional software program, Professor Suni which includes a more advanced practice managment sotware inegration capability.

Professor Suni provides an image bar that automatically pops up on top of your Practice Management Software interface for quick access to patient digital radiographs as well as digital intra-oral and extra-oral images.

Professor Suni's unique image bar floats beside any practice management software and other applications. This enables you to view and paste all images from Professor Suni patients into other applications you're working on.
   Accurate and Consistent
The Dr. Suni X-ray sensors create high resolution images up to about 2 Million pixels allowing a precise, high zoom-in factor. Cleaner crisper and more precise quality X-rays images are a reality with Dr. Suni. Adjustments like contrast and brightness further enhance diagnostic accuracy. The ability to show large, up to 10 X size digital images on a computer screen is also highly valued among many dentists.
There is nothing more unproductive than to have unsatisfactory results with film especially after all the time, effort and materials that go into taking conventional radiographs.
No more retakes, time-consuming processing, chemicals, mounting, labeling and waiting.
Dr. Suni enables you to take perfect radiographs every time. In seconds.
Timesaving means higher productivity and less frustration. The Dr. Suni system brings more convenience into your dental office and advances your standard of care.

Ask us about our Professor SUNI software upgrade which has many additional features!
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